Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Points to Consider Before You Date an Older Man or Woman

Is dating older men or women right for you? Have you ever heard the saying that people are like a fine wine; they get better with age? When it comes to dating, many men and women are drawn to the older and more mature opposite sex. Beyond the excitement of partaking in a new experience, dating older men or women has both its own benefits and drawbacks.

Men and women reach maturity at different stages in their lives. Young women may find that an older man is more tender and giving of himself, more apt to dote on her. Young men may discover that they enjoy the independence of an older woman. She is set in many aspects of life and does not need a man to care for her, which takes the pressure off a younger suitor. Older men and women have wisdom that they are able to share and pass on to their younger partner. In many ways, they are able to be more open with intimacy, as the years have allowed them to get past the awkward stages of their sexual youth and feel comfortable in their own skin.

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On the opposite end of the scale, if you think you might want to date an older man or woman, it is important to consider that which is always the biggest concern for people: the age gap. Dating someone ten years or more your senior may be fun in the beginning, but at some point, if the relationship becomes serious enough, you should think about where you will be in five or even ten years. As you continue your relationship, you won't be entering the same life stages together. He or she may already be at a point you haven't even begun to yet consider. If you marry or move in with your older partner, are you prepared to possibly be a caregiver for them if their health fails them?

While these are serious questions and not the kind you might think of when you first begin dating an older man or woman, they are significant; you must be able to answer them if your relationship becomes a serious long term one. Yes, older men and women have much to offer their younger suitors: the experience of life, the security of being one's own person and the willingness to explore and try new things. But be sure you are capable of handling questions concerning age, and be sure you've considered whether the two of you can hold each other's interest in order to make the relationship successful.

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