Friday, 13 June 2014

For Men Who Fear Emotional Commitment


How many times have you been told by a girlfriend that you were afraid of an emotional commitment? Well if this sounds familiar then you've landed in the right place. Let me tell you why.

What is meant by a fear of "emotional commitment"? Well there are many interpretations of this so I'll mention a few. They center on the following:
1. A fear that you might be losing out on the "fun" the other guys are having by "playing the field".
2. A fear that you might get bored with your partner after some time.
3. A fear that you'll be saddled with responsibilities that go with a relationship and that will make life unpleasant.
4. A fear that you will lose the freedom you currently enjoy to do what you want whenever you want.
5. A fear of becoming emotionally intimate with another person.
6. A fear of exposing your true self to another person.
7. A fear of being rejected by your partner.
8. A fear of not being able to live up to all the responsibilities that a relationship demands.
9. A fear of confronting deep feelings of inadequacy.
10. A fear of having to "grow up" and become a fully functioning adult, and so on.
If you look at the list above you'll see that one word keeps reappearing. That word is not a pretty one is it?


If you recognize what that word does to your self esteem, your self confidence, and your self worth you'll notice, if you're honest with yourself that it is reducing the overall quality of your life.
Now here I'm not advocating that you simply go and jump into any relationship simply to try and make yourself feel better. Rather I suggest that you develop the emotional skills and attributes that will truly prepare you for a successful and fulfilling relationship.
Ultimately only this will make you feel like an adult male who is mature, confident, courageous and of integrity.
Unfortunately most men are not socialized to be aware of their own inner feelings or emotions. The general belief among many men is that emotions are a sign of weakness and are the domain of women.
I beg to differ with that self destructive way of thinking.
Emotional awareness is, in my view, the single most important developmental skill that every individual must cultivate. Men on this planet have been done a grave dis-service because they have not had this privilege.
As a result they have been left crippled, yes crippled, by this unfortunate practice. An inability to feel and discern one's inner emotional landscape has left men feeling terribly inadequate, vulnerable and handicapped
In order to feel better about themselves they have attempted to compensate for this through many destructive and self destructive behaviors most of which manifest as a need for power.
If you look around on this planet you'll see how this need has only contributed to the demise of the planet and everything on it. More so it is also deeply scarring the very men who perpetrate such acts. Sadly many of them are so numb to what they are doing that they cannot feel the consequences and hence cannot stop themselves.
Isn't it time that you as a man took the bull by the horns and stood up for your rights? That is you emotional rights.
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