Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Women over 40 - 3 “Hot” Dating Tips for Building Your Dating Confidence

If you’re dating again for the first time in a long time, you could probably use some confidence builders in the form of what I like to call ‘Dating Updating’.
More than likely it’s probably been a while since you’ve done something different with the way you look so a few changes can take you from feeling like a suburban married housewife to a chic, confident and pretty spectacular woman who’s ready to date. See it as a fun investment in yourself as you begin this next chapter in your life!

#1- It All Begins with A New Look
Ask your daughter or a trusted friend for advice on what about your look no longer works for you. Over time, we all have a tendency to do the same styles over and over again. Just think of how many blouses are the same color and style in your closet right now?
Next take a good look in the mirror. Are you happy with the way your hair looks? Is it flattering to the shape of your face? It’s a wise idea to leave trendy styles like severe wedges or spikes to the younger crowd.
These days, we all have grey that needs covering. Does your color enhance your skin tone or does it fade you? Dark hair can make women our age look a bit ghoulish, which is probably why Mother Nature doesn’t give us black hair once we’ve hit 40 plus...

#2 - Add a New Touch of Color to Your Palette
Great Makeup can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Trained makeup artists at your favorite department store will show you the latest trends for looking great both day and night. Plus, you can replicate the results easily with less expensive makeup purchased elsewhere if you want.
You’re making a lot of changes and change can be hard. I know just trying a new lipstick color can be scary. Be sure to give yourself some time to embrace your new look. Fortunately, hair grows back fairly quickly and makeup can be changed if you aren’t happy with it.

#3- A New Excuse for Shopping
Head to your favorite stores to buy fun dating clothes that are flattering to your shape. If you’re not a shopper, find a Personal Shopper at many of the larger Department Stores to help you out. The store-not you pay them to help you shop.
What’s so great is a personal shopper will coach you into exploring many new and flattering styles you might not have tried on your own. Clothing is an easy and quick fix for feeling good about yourself especially when you wear an outfit that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. 


It’s worth investing in a few good pieces so when you have a date instead of rummaging through your closet at the last minute feeling totally frustrated with finding nothing to wear, you’ll have pieces to mix and match without having to give it much thought.
By applying these 3 easy steps, you are going to look great! Looking great makes you feel great about yourself and when you feel great, you’re going to feel more confident as you venture into the dating world ready to meet the “Quality Man” you want in your life.

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